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Technology lurches onward

Change is predictable, the rate of change is not.  Typically governments trail people in adoption but when a government manages to change before becoming irrelevant, leaders can usually avoid exile or execution. The new year has brought with it several major and minor headlines that, though reported disparately, show government leaders engaging with technology that … Continue reading

Let LIBOR lie

The LIBOR manipulations show incredible hubris but little else.  In the world of finance, prices and rates rarely prove stable for long and unlike The Great Recession, the larger effects of these particular financial happenings appear negligible. LIBOR, the price one bank charges another on a loan, is important for reasons similar to prices in … Continue reading

A name does not an entrepreneur make

Running 25 miles in one go is usually worthy of an impressed eyebrow raise at the very least, but not if the intention was to run every last tenth of the 26 and two tenths that makes a marathon: intentions provide one context to evaluate outcomes.  In Mr. Gerber’s article “How Liberal Arts Colleges are Failing … Continue reading

New thinking about net neutrality

There is a legitimate argument against net neutrality.  Much as it may seem to the contrary, broadband supply is far from infinite. Rather, like everything else, broadband exists in a limited supply. Humans, though, are funny in that though we recognize limited supply (kids rarely share dessert, after all) our wants are nearly infinite. Prices … Continue reading

Feelings Matter

If ideas alone caused revolutions, then Lenin could have stayed local instead of unleashing Marx on Russia.  Those who read Voltaire couldn’t control the rest of the third estate; a rationalist would at least impose a limit on guillotine use. People like Rush Limbaugh may mock, but feeling matter and motivate action.  If this were … Continue reading

An epic win for gaming

Zynga’s share price seems to indicate that the gaming industry is down to its final life.  Yet, many recent rounds of venture funding have gone to gaming companies.  Is there some kind of curse that devalues Facebook’s friends or do the venture capitalists have some sort of cheat?  The answer likely combes back to my … Continue reading

Free wifi is like a free lunch

The axiom that nothing is free may seem cynical to some, but stands as a tenets of belief to others, particularly economists.  Because nothing is free, humans rely on exchange to get anything done. Consider babies who depend on others for survival.  As they get older, they get cuter, especially when they coo, smile, and … Continue reading

Taking coffee- and more- on the go

It seems almost accidental that the purveyor of the world’s largest mobile payment network is the world’s second favorite mermaid: Starbucks.  While it is unlikely that Starbucks intended to create the leading system, the result is hardly accidental. Whether consciously or not, Starbucks realized that the necessary pre-requisites for a mobile payment network had already … Continue reading

Incubating the new standard

DreamIt Ventures, an incubator based in Philadelphia, recently graduated 14 startups.    Of the 14, 9 of the start-ups have socialization with other users at the core of their concept. http://techcrunch.com/2010/08/11/philly-based-incubator-dreamit-ventures-graduates-ten-startups/ While it could be that someone at DreamIt ventures really likes social media, it seems more likely that businesses see social media as a … Continue reading

What do social media and hot dogs have in common?

Answer: Both are essential to sports spectators. Even though people and pundits agreed that this would be the first Olympics for social media, Olympic planners did not fully prepare.  Faced with overwhelming demand for the limited supply of broadband, Olympic officials have had to ask people to “take it easy” on the social media, so … Continue reading

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